ATEP Campus
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Advanced Technology & Education Park Campus

Initial Campus
Currently, ATEP's initial one-acre campus is located at the corner of Red Hill and Valencia Avenues in Tustin and is serving more than 500 students with course offerings from our sister schools, Saddleback College and Irvine Valley College as well as our Center for Applied Competitive Technologies.

Campus Map

A-100 Administration
Office of the Dean of Instruction & Student Services
Office of the Director of Public Information & Marketing
Office of the Campus Coordinator
Office of Technology
Student Resource Center

B-100 Classrooms
B-101A Classroom
B-101B Classroom
B-102 Classroom

wi-fi cafe
Vending Machines
Indoor/Outdoor study/break area
wi-fi access

D-100 Center for Applied Competitive Technologies (CACT) Building
D-101 Classroom
D-105 Laser/Electro-optics Lab
D-106 Laser/Electro-optics Lab

E-100 Rapid Prototyping Building
E-101 Computer Lab
E-103 Design Model Making/Rapid Prototyping Lab
Public restrooms (outside entrance at SE end of building)