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Design Model Making and Rapid Prototyping

A program of Irvine Valley College's School of Mathematics, Computer Sciences and Engineering.

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The growth of digital technology has opened up many new areas of development in the representation and construction of models, digital simulation and rapid prototyping. The new certificates in industrial, commercial and transportation design are intended to prepare students with the skills necessary to design products and build models using both traditional and emerging technologies. Students will gain a unique insight into both the physical and digital disciplines of model making and design, cultivating technical and arts skills based on critical thinking.

With many automotive transportation design studios in Southern California, the coursework has been created to meet a growing need for skilled automobile designers.

The curriculum also prepares modelers for work in movie making, and other entertainment industries.

Industrial and Commercial design areas includes medical instruments, aerospace, consumer product development, toy manufacturing.

Bob Schureman, a faculty member and industry professional, emphasizes that model making has applications in virtually every industry because most every manufactured product begins life as a model. The new curriculum is meant to give college students the skills they need to enter an industry that each year generates untold numbers of gadgets and manufactured goods. All require modeling and design to bring them from concept to finished product, and students only need rudimentary skills in art, sketching, or electronics to enter the field.

The program, offered through Irvine Valley College, is unique among community colleges as few have similar curricula or access to regional resources such as NASA/Edwards Airforce Base, CALTech, or the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The certificate program also interfaces with several major automobile makers located within minutes of the campus to provide students career opportunities, networking and job placement. It also prepares students for design schools both in the U.S. and abroad, and offers study in nano technology, 3-D modeling and programming.

The Curriculum includes courses in Introduction to Model Making and Design, Rapid Visualization, Advanced Model Making, 3D Rapid Model Making and Prototype Development.

Best of Class award for Next Gen car model